Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since we rudely scheduled Jaxon's surgery for the 1st day of spring break, we decided we better give the kids a little fun before the torture. Therefore, we headed over to Daytona Beach to visit Kevin's grandparents and play in the surf. Okay, only some of us played in the surf (I think the the water temp. is in the low 70s, if even that high); the one who didn't get in the water soaked up the sun and thoroughly enjoyed watching her family frolic in the frigid sea. It was a GREAT weekend. We were even able to persuade the grandparents to let us treat them to dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant (we've been eating there since before we even considered moving to Florida), Aunt Catfish's. I think Grammy and Granddad enjoyed seeing us coming and going; I always tell Granddad we're a little like a tornado or hurricane when we hit. Hopefully we lifted some spirits (I know it lifted ours); it was sure enjoyable for us. We can't wait to go back in a few weeks.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Surgery Update

To satisfy Aunt Shan (who is disturbed by the images of Jaxon's hernia), I am publishing a new post. Jax will officially lose his 'party trick' (which is exactly how he referred to it with the surgeon) on Monday, April 6. It is spring break for us, so Jax won't have to miss any school nor soccer games (the truly important thing). Our little man is being very brave about the whole thing; his only fear was that it would hurt when they actually did the surgery. Once I explained that he would be asleep during the surgery, he was fine with the whole thing. I told him he could eat lots of ice cream; he wants that and balloons!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Hernia

Jax has (hopefully) lost one of his best friends... his belly button that he can make stick-out. Thursday night, Jax stuck it out, and it stayed that way. I was at the grocery store, and Kev called to say I needed to get home. I was shocked when I saw 'the button'. I took pictures and emailed them to my former boss (and Gracie's pediatric endocrinologist) who immediately called (thanks, Mike - I owe you one) from Massachusetts. As we suspected, it was an emergency. Since it was late, we had no choice but heading to the ER. The pediatric resident and the ER resident pulled Jaxon's abdomen and pushed the hernia back in at the same time. Jaxon was screaming and crying the entire time (which felt like an eternity). Apparently, it is very painful, but they didn't want to waste time medicating him. Instead, he was given narcotics after the procedure. It at least made him comfortable enough to let them play around with his button a little more (it was swollen, and they just wanted to make sure all the tissue was back inside). We went home after a few hours with a referral to see peds surgery (oh what fun) sometime in the near future (hopefully before he pops it out again). His party trick days might be over...

Monday, November 24, 2008

2008..The Year of the Vacation

2008 has definitely been an active year; we never imagined we would be taking so many trips! Kev and I started our excursions with a wonderful visit to Puerto Rico in May. We followed that with a family vacation to Lake Burton, GA with some good friends in June. Shortly after visiting Georgia, we headed to the beach in Alabama to meet the Jeffords family. The kids and I figured we might as well visit another state in August, so we flew home to Texas. Labor Day Weekend found me celebrating with grade school friends, Shannon and Allison. We had a girly trip to Scottsdale, AZ, and we stayed at the Phoenician (we enjoyed a little night-life followed by a day of spa treatments). It was so wonderful to see my girls; it had been 10 years (at my wedding) since the 3 of us had been together. With school starting, we decided to stay home for a couple of months, so September and October were spent in Gainesville. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, Kev and I headed to Weston, FL 2 weeks ago. We drove down to the Keys one day and spent the rest of the days relaxing in the sun. You might think our travels are over for the year, but we still have 2 trips to go! We all fly to Texas on Nov. 25 (Happy Birthday, Mimi) for Thanksgiving and then Jamy & Joi's wedding. We are so excited that Uncle Big Time is tying the knot!!! To round-out the year, we are spending the week of Christmas in West Palm (hopefully soaking up some sun); we hope to get to spend a little time with Allison and J. King (Aunt Al, the kiddos miss you). We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our fun this year; who knows what we'll do in 2009!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shuttle Launch

The shuttle is the small object (speck) at the left; the moon is the large object

Please don't judge me - I worked the night before and was sleep-deprived

On Friday, November 14 (also our 10th anniversary), we had the wonderful opportunity to see the space shuttle launch. We didn't go all the way down to Kennedy Space Center, but we weren't very far from it. What made it even more spectacular was that it was a night launch. The pictures definitely don't do it justice. Hopefully one of these days I can get the video posted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 10th Anniversary! I can honestly say that it has been a wonderful journey (lots of smiles and laughs with struggles scattered in between). God blessed me with the most wonderful husband who is truly my perfect match. Kevin understands me and my 'issues', and he still chooses to spend his life with me. I am one lucky gal! 10 years ago, I married my best friend - the love of my life...I am excited to see what adventures the next 10 hold for us.

Kev, thanks for being my rock; I love you as much today as I did on our wedding day.

Uncle Randy, Aunt Kristin and Cousin Trey

Kristin and Randy
Randy, Trey and Jax
Trey and Gracie
The whole gang - Kev, Bran, Kristin, Randy, Gracie, Trey and Jax
Jax, Trey and Kev

We were extremely excited to have my little brother, Randy, his wife, Kristin, and their son, Trey, visit us this summer. Both of Kev's brothers have traveled to Florida to see us, but this was the 1st of my siblings to venture out here. We had a great time with them; we hit Disney's Blizzard Beach one day, we spent one night at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa (with Gracie's Girl Scout troop), and we frolicked in the surf at Daytona Beach. We are very thankful they decided to spend their summer vacation with us; Gracie and Jax adore their cousin, Trey!!!